so u kno 06: Poddgorica (Nifty) 06/07/2022


Poddgorica co-runs The Nifty Radio and a duo music project called Southpulse, as well as spinning records all over. Expect to hear sounds ranging from House, Space Disco, Indie Dance, Afro, and Latin.

#indiedance #house #afro #spacemusic #latin

Tak Donq Dunk! 08: Thisisebo 14/06/2022


Rizky Marliansyah or known as Ebo is a bedroom guitarist, a true melomaniac, a member of a music collective called Minortive, and also a guitar strummer in a band named Asianfusion. Tonight, he will be takin-control an hour of emotional music for emotional people, you can expect Emo, Midwest-Emo, Post-Hardcore to Punk, packaged in a slick hour by your only one Thisisebo. Emo never died - it just shapeshifted a little!

#emo #post-hardcore #punk

Mixercise 05: Stephen Oei (Rookie Radio) 11/06/2022


Stephen Oei behind the name of Rookie Radio presents one hour mix of House, embracing his love of house music. Devour your Saturday night with a focus on House; Tech House, Minimal, Afro House music. Rookie Radio keeps it tight and keeps the heat: non-stop house.

#house #minimal #afrohouse #techhouse

so u kno 05: Mirzbow (Leipzig) 08/06/2022


Mirzbow, take a part as a bass player of the nihilist assault groop and the garbage disposal unit, called Leipzig. Tomorrow night he will be serving up 60 minutes of Ambient, IDM, Jungle, Acid Jazz, and Latin. Join us for some wavy and let the good times roll!

#ambient #idm #acidjazz #latin

Tak Donq Dunk! 07: Irfan Popish 05/06/2022


Irfan Popish is a forever columnist, a former journalist, and also known as the author of Bandung Pop Darlings. A Bandung raised musician and was playing in some bands, like Summerblossom and MELT. Today, he pulls out some of his favourite No Wave, Punk, Noise Rock, Experimental, and Indie records, from Localdrugstore, Aikagi, Pet Conspiracy, Tiger Pussy to David Boring, BITE, and more.

#nowave #punk #noiserock

Tak Donq Dunk! 06: Edophillia 17/04/2022


Edo Wallad is Edophilia , a true poet, a dance-punk musician, and the finest music selector. Tonight he offering a swift hour-long excursion to some selected music from the Rip It Up and Start Again book by Simon Reynolds. Walking in a wide range of tunes, from post-punk, synth-pop, sophisti-pop, new wave, and a whole lot else.

#postpunk #punk #lefieldhouse

Mixercise 04: Onefootmany (Nifty) 14/04/2022 by The Nifty Radio


Onefootmany back on track! In this episode, he's delivering some splashy and poppy-tunes tracks in House and Techno genres, back and forth, for your Thursday evening. Expect Y2K sounds, 2000's-electronic moods, and Bling/Shiny/Jiggy Era!

#house #techno

Tak Donq Dunk! 05: Awful Pop 10/04/2022


From Damascus to Sugarsting, Maxillary and more, Awful Pop aka Peter Walandouw stops by to share sincere selections from his collection. Known as one of the figures behind Anoa Records, tonight he will be playing and talking about the songs he wants the world to hear. This show is led by himself, playing some of his personal favourites of alternative, indierock, and shoegaze, for your listening pleasure!

#indierock #shoegaze #alternative

Tak Donq Dunk! 04: Monumental 07/04/2022


Monumental a.k.a Rizki Pasadana is Bogor's graphic artist, spent quite a while thriving in Jakarta before returning to Bogor to build his brands; Regular.italic and Monumental. Fascinated by the psychedelic and microscopic realms, which allow him to view new dimensions of the world. He aspires to be a cover album artist for the bands he enjoys. Rizki has joined the line-up of this April shows, taking in most styles—Folk Rock, Psychedelic Rock, Indie Pop, Shoegaze, Jazz. So monumental!

#indie #folkrock #shoegaze #pshychedelic #jazz

so u kno 05: REY399S 04/04/2022


REY399S a.k.a Rey is a new and upcoming DJ / Producer based in Bandung, Indonesia. His music usually revolves around Bass, Jungle, Footwoork, Techno, etc. He had his first release in 2021 on This That Media’s “Second Wave” compilation and January 2022 he released a new song on spotify entitled Tempt, 1. His mixtapes are also featured in numerous colllectives such as Underradarradio, CulturClout Radio, and many more.

#bass #dubstep #jungle

Tak Donq Dunk! 03: longwaytonowhere


Torus is a forever and a day radio listener, who likes to catch moments by capturing the visuals. Up next on The Nifty Radio, he will be playing a very own selection of Future Jazz, Electronic Groove, Experimental, House, World Music, and other lovely stuff.

#jazz #electronicgroove #hous #worldmusic #experimental

Mixercise 03: Raynaldi (Glasloop)


Raynaldi a profilic DJ & Producer from Bandung has cotinuously explored the diversity music in town. Starting his career in 2018, he gains his biggest inspirations from the Detroit scene which is affilated to house, techno, and disco. Later on, it led him put his existence in the underground music in Bandung and Jakarta by joining some collective such as Xiblinx and Glasloop.

#techno #dub #house

Tak Donq Dunk! 02: Moonkilay


Ringing you all of the soulful selections and late evening energies. Moonkilay will be flicking through his musical archive tonight for all you night drifters. A soundtrack for your Tuesday night with Downtempo, Pop, House, Future Bass to Progressive House.

#pop #downtempo #house #electro

so u kno 03: YELIG (Doglek)


YELIG s a multi-instrumentalist & producer, adapting his set to the time of day or a kind of event (or the mood he's in). He loves Outsider-House as much as DnB. YELIG is also part of DOGLEK, a multi-genre DJ collective that was born out of their love of not being sober & good times, here to make sure everyone has equal chances to dance.

#house #lo-fi house #ambienthouse #breaks #techhouse

Mixercise 02: Neue (Dynamo)


Tune in for a thick and dark arpeggio strain by Neue, the epithet of Naufalrel Pandu, the emerging motion artist and DJ based in Bogor. Playing Dark/Leftfield Disco, Post Punk, Alternative, and New Wave in 1 hour set of his signature.

#other #dark #leftfield #post-punk #newwave

so u kno 02: Byfusée (Nifty)


Dive in today! A self-made one-hour mix playing Acid House, Techno, Nu-Disco, and much more. Crafted by Byfusée, the moniker of M Naufal Dzaky, a member of Cikerti Connections and also part of Otherling Records.

#techno #acidhouse #nu-disco #darktechno

so u kno 01: Poddgorica (Nifty)


Bandung-born, Bogor-based, musician and music producer Nadhif Ardana, behind the name of Poddgorica on the first "so u kno" program show tomorrow. Play an hour of Electro, Breakbeat, Techno, Ghetto, Acid, Bass.

#techno #ghetto #electro #breakbeat #acid

Tak Donq Dunk! 01: Dana (Nifty)


Stepping on the first day of the week! Dana will lead off his regular program on the radio, named Tak Donq Dunk! Today he serves selections from Japanese urban feels, an opulent amalgamation of Pop, Disco, Funk, R&B, Boogie, Jazz Fusion, Latin, Caribbean, Polynesian, and Okinawan music.

#pop #disco #soul #funk #boogie #groove #fusion #citypop #aor

Mixercise 01: Onefootmany (Nifty)


Mahdi Albart a.k.a One Foot Many is a visual artist who works in the field of graphic design, illustration, and paintings based in Bogor. His works were inspired by childhood cartoons, skateboarding, music, and pop culture from the 80’s era. One Foot Many kicks off his first program debut show, called Mixercise - sharing an hour of picks from Disco, House, Techno to Acid.

#house #discohouse #techno #acid